Clear, Open Way to Report

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Clear, Open Way to Report

Reporting instances of harassment and discrimination can be emotionally difficult for the victim. The employee may be worried about being labeled a “complainer” or whistleblower, that their word put against their supervisors will be believed, or that the company or supervisor will retaliate. If employees think they might lose their job if they report harassment or discrimination, they may choose not to report it. That lets the illegal, unethical, and unproductive behavior continue.
Your facility must have a clear, open channel for employees, job candidates, and terminated employees to report harassment and discrimination. This could be a hotline phone number, specific individuals or department contact information, and/or an e-mail address. These channels should be part of your company’s harassment and discrimination policies.
Employees should be made aware of these channels when they are hired and receive regular reminders that these channels are available to them.