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Exam Simulator for MLS, MT, and MLT Exams
Prepare for your ASCP, AMT, other certification exam
Over 3,000 questions with images and feedback
Take mock exams or focus on specific subject areas for targeted review
The most popular exam prep tool, with over 15,000 subscribers
Available 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected computer,
smartphone, or tablet.
Unlimited practice tests
Access for a full year

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Other Exam Simulators Also Available from LabCE
Prepare for your ASCP HT or HTL
certification exam
Prepare for your ASCP, AMT, NCCT, NHA,
or other certification exam

Exam Simulator for MLS, MT, and MLT Exams

Certification examinations, like the ASCP Board of Certification exam and the AMT certification exam are challenging and require thoughtful preparation. LabCE's Exam Simulator can help you prepare for exams from ASCP, AMT, and more, including practice tests and materials for MT and MLT students.

Over 3,000 study questions

LabCE's Exam Simulator includes over 3,000 multiple-choice questions in all major laboratory subject areas. Questions include illustrations and photomicrographs when available. Take a ten-question preview of the Exam Simulator to see what kind of questions are included.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful and helpful your exam simulator is. I took the ASCP MLS certification exam and passed the first time. Your exam simulator helped to prepare me for the exam. I also played the game mode when I was bored. Since you have the option to download the app on mobile devices, I downloaded it on my phone and Kindle. The subject mode helps to strengthen any weak areas. I would recommend it to anyone taking any of the certification exams.
Janice Ferguson

Feedback on all 3,000 questions

Each question includes detailed feedback that explains the correct and incorrect answers, so you can learn as you practice.

AMT & ASCP practice tests

The Exam Simulator delivers practice tests that follow the format and content of major laboratory certification exams, including the ASCP exam and AMT exam, with the appropriate breakdown of questions by difficulty and subject matter. Questions for AMT and ASCP practice tests are chosen at random, giving you virtually unlimited opportunity to review.

In addition to the randomized ASCP practice tests are the ASCP Computerized Adaptive Testing (or CAT) tests. These reviews follow your ability allowing for a more accurate scoring.

Includes both MLS / MT and MLT level materials

The Exam Simulator is ideal for medical laboratory scientist (MLS), medical technologist (MT) and medical laboratory technician (MLT) level exams. Your practice tests and review questions are customized so that you'll see questions of appropriate difficulty.

Affordable and convenient

LabCE's Exam Simulator is just $75 for a one-year subscription. Access the Exam Simulator 24/7/365 through our secure website. Add additional study material and web-based learning modules from LabCE's course library by choosing a Gold or Platinum subscription.

Education Program Directors: Flexible Purchasing Options Available

Let students purchase their own access to the Exam Simulator, or get a group discount if your organization purchases several seats on behalf of your students. Either way, you'll be able to access all tracking and reporting features. Subscriptions are for a full year. Get a quote for your education program »

Customize your review

Spend more time on the questions that are more challenging for you. Focus on tricky or frequently missed questions to help optimize your study.

Wide variety of subject matter

Questions cover all major laboratory subject areas, including blood bank, chemistry, hematology, immunology, laboratory operations, microbiology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, and urinalysis.

Affordable and convenient

LabCE's Exam Simulator is just $75 for a one-year subscription. Access the Exam Simulator 24/7/365 through our secure website. Add additional study material and web-based learning modules from LabCE's course library at an additional discount.

Mobile access available

Access the Exam Simulator on-the-go using your smartphone or tablet. A custom finger-friendly interface lets you prepare for your exams anytime, anywhere.

Share your results with your CLS program director and instructors

Automatically report your Exam Simulator results to your CLS program director and instructors for additional feedback. Printable reports can also be created at any time.

Track your progress over time

Charts and graphs help to show how your exam simulator results improve over time. See your progress by subject area and overall score.

Compare your progress to other students

Identify subject areas in which you are stronger or weaker than other students that are using the Exam Simulator. See how your scores stack up to other users.

Compete for a spot on the new Game Mode leader boards. Answer as many questions as you can without getting 5 wrong. Challenge your friends and other students!

Benefits for MT and MLT Program Directors

Program Directors: Get access to the Exam Simulator for your entire program. Flexible purchasing options available - students can purchase individual access, or laboratories / programs can purchase access on behalf of their students. Get an instant quote for your program »

  • Help increase program performance with more preparation for certification exams.
  • Identify subject areas for targeted remediation before course finals and ASCP / AMT exams.
  • Assign your students exams based on what they should be studying.
  • Track the progress of your students with online access to detailed reports and scores.
  • Review students' performance on practice tests that use exam categories and question topics modeled after the actual certification exams.
  • Deliver subject-specific exam review in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, blood banking, and other subject areas.
  • Allow students to purchase subscriptions individually, or purchase a group subscription for your program or laboratory.
  • Add on to a MediaLab subscription, so you and your students / employees can access both MediaLab courses and the Exam Simulator with the same username and password.
  • Get an instant quote for your program »

Preview the Exam Simulator

Take a ten-question preview of the Exam Simulator.

What Exam Simulator Score is a Passing ASCP / AMT Score?

The Exam Simulator is similar to board certification exams, but not identical. We can't guarantee that a particular score on the Exam Simulator will correlate to a passing ASCP or AMT score. But we have collected some data from our users that can help you to get a rough estimate. The table below shows the results of a survey of users, matching their average Exam Simulator scores to their self-reported ASCP MT exam score. Among the survey respondants, those who had an average score of 75% or better on the Exam Simulator passed their board exam, and those who scored better than a 60% usually passed.


Important: LabCE and MediaLab do not warrant or guarantee that you will pass your ASCP, AMT, or other exam as a result of using this exam simulator system. This exam simulator is not an exact copy of the ASCP, AMT, or any other exam. Questions presented in this exam simulator may differ substantially from those you may see on actual examinations. The actual exam may cover material that is not covered by LabCE and MediaLab. Adequate preparation for clinical laboratory science exams should include a variety of resources from many different providers. The Exam Simulator is not officially endorsed or supported by ASCP, AMT, or any organization other than LabCE and MediaLab.

What Users Are Saying

"LabCE was a valuable tool in preparation for my ASCP MLT exam. The different formats of test reviews that are offered gave me a good idea of the important concepts that need to be grasped in order to pass the exam. The practice exams, in conjunction with other study guides, are very helpful study tools. I will be taking the MT exam in about 9 months and will definitely be utilizing the practice tests on LabCE to help me prepare."
Caroline Schulz
"LabCE has helped me tremendously in preparing for my ASCP exam and in improving my test taking abilities. I used it as a supplement along with my class notes to solidify my understanding in each subject area. I especially loved the adaptive testing and the two testing modes available (I utilized review mode mostly). When I did take my exam, I had confidence in my answer choices, and what a good feeling to have when taking the ASCP exam. The subscription was well worth the price that was valid for one entire year, and it has helped me become a certified MLT. I highly recommend subscribing to this great resource. I promise only great results that offer you a competitive edge in the workplace."
Iyanna Alexander
  • "It was a fun alternative to studying from books. It was good practice for taking tests on the computer."
  • "The questions were similar to the exam questions, and it helped me prepare for the format that the exam was given in."
  • "It's more informative because it gives explanations to your wrong answers and you have a chance to review your answers. Plus, it gives you breakdowns of your performance. The best thing is the price- it is affordable and the subscription is long. It's an effective tool to use before taking the exam."
  • "I like the fact that I can review at my convenience, and am able to retest on questions I have the most difficulty remembering."
  • "The Simulator helped get my mind ready/prepared for style of exam the registry used."
  • "This is such a wonderful tool! I suggest it to everyone that asks for study tips or suggestions for review books/aids. I love it!"
  • "It helped me get used to the format of the test and I was able to compare how I did in each subject to previous exams. I also liked the option of choosing just one or a few of the test areas to work on, instead of having to take all the subjects in one test."
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