Blood Culture Gram Stain Case Simulator

Gram Stain Analysis of Positive Blood Cultures

The Blood Culture Gram Stain Case Simulator, produced in collaboration with Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, includes over 70 cases of positive blood culture gram stain smears. These cases include aerobic and anaerobic organisms, as well as atypical findings such as Nocardia, Mycobacteria, and yeast.

For each case, users will perform virtual microscopic zoom at 10x, 50x, and 100x levels to focus on the organism’s characteristics. A built-in focus feature allows users to sharpen their view of the individual cocci or bacilli. A measurement scale will aid in determining the size of the organism. Finally, users will be required to assess the Gram stain quality, reaction, and morphology, number of organisms present, and determine alternate stain use (if applicable).

At the conclusion of each case, a video summary is provided in which the experts will describe the interpretative and critical thinking processes of identifying each organism.

  • Over 70 peer-reviewed cases with approximately 50 different organisms
  • Two interactive modes with different features:
    • Review mode will contain 30 focused cases with recommendations to similar cases that provide a group review video discussing how to differentiate the result from those similar cases.
    • Test mode will allow you to select from all cases in the simulator (>70) along with the standard review video for each one upon answering. This mode is ideal for competency or classroom testing as it gives a direct grading system of correct/incorrect per case.
  • Gram stain report, special characteristics, and microscopic zoom levels
  • Video summary at the end of each case, narrated by experts
  • Available 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet. Start at work, finish at home
  • Start your subscription any time: Your subscription isn't tied to the calendar year. Subscribe anytime and get a full year's access

Ideal for All Medical Laboratory Students and Professionals

The Blood Culture Gram Stain Simulator is the perfect tool to hone the skills of gram stain identification. This includes medical laboratory science students, medical students, new microbiology trainees, experienced medical laboratory professionals, resident physicians, and pathologists.

Curated by Experts

Each case has been assembled and peer-reviewed by a panel of experts from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and MediaLab.

81 expert curated cases
Access for a full year