Blood Bank Case Simulator

Virtual Case Studies to Elevate Training and Student Labs

The Blood Bank Case Simulator consists of 25 case studies in which users will analyze ABO and Rh typing results, antibody screens, and antibody identification panels to select compatible blood units. Each case features patient history, gel card images, and clickable antibody panels to simulate the daily responsibilities of a blood bank professional.

Curated by experts in the field, these cases cover various blood group antibodies identified in pretransfusion workups. For each case, users will:

  • Identify ABO and Rh typing
  • Interpret antibody screen results
  • Conclude if the patient needs antibody identification
  • Complete AHG reactions in the antibody identification panel
  • Perform antibody identification panel rule out of blood group antigens
  • Determine if further testing is needed to rule out all clinically significant antigens
  • Identify cells to use to finalize the rule out process
  • Select the compatible unit for transfusion

Upon submission of results, each case will have a written conclusion and a comparison between the correct answers and the user's answers. Each antibody screen and panel will show all possible rule outs to aid in determining if proper cross offs are occurring, with dosage being considered, as well as homozygous versus heterozygous reactions.

Review vs. Test Mode:

  • A resource tab is available in the review mode through all cases. It provides relevant information on the different phases of testing. The user can click over to this tab at any point to reference the information for help.
  • The test mode does not have a resource tab for the user to refer to. This mode is ideal for competency or simulated laboratory testing as it gives a direct grading system of correct/incorrect in each part of the case.

Ideal for All Medical Laboratory Students and Professionals

The Blood Bank Case Simulator is the perfect tool to test students' understanding of blood bank theory, train new blood bank employees, and determine competency for medical laboratory professionals.

25 expert curated cases
Access for a full year