Sexual Harassment and Travel

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Sexual Harassment and Travel

Employees who travel together for their company – to trade shows, conferences, meetings, sales visits, support calls, or other work-related purposes – can be especially vulnerable to sexual harassment. The change of venue from the everyday office to a restaurant, car, hotel out-of-state, or away from the workplace can be especially difficult.
If you travel with coworkers for business purposes, keep the following recommendations in mind. Additionally, if you have employees traveling with other coworkers, take the opportunity to relay this information prior to their travels.
  • Meet your fellow employees in the lobby, not at the bar or in their hotel rooms.
  • For meals, consider the atmosphere of the restaurant. The hotel sandwich shop is better than the romantic French bistro.
  • Be aware of alcohol intake. Do not let it change your behavior.
  • Talk about work or impersonal topics. Do not let the conversation drift to personal issues, especially dating, divorce, or past, present, or future romantic relationships.