American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB)

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American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB)

The American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) is a private, non-profit certification organization and membership society for medical laboratory professionals, directors, supervisors, and consultants. Membership is not required to receive AAB certification. AAB serves as an umbrella organization for the AAB Board of Registry, the American Board of Bioanalysis, and many other organizations. It has been certifying professionals since 1956.
The AAB Board of Registry (ABOR) is a national certifying organization for medical laboratory professionals. Unlike ASCP and AMT, ABOR does NOT require continuing education credits to maintain certification. ABOR requires a professional to annually renew their membership status in the Associate Member Section (AMS), a membership association within AAB.
ABOR offers the following certifications:
  • MT(AAB) - Medical Technologist
  • MLT(AAB) - Medical Laboratory Technician
  • ALS(AAB) - Andrology Laboratory Scientist
  • ELS(AAB) - Embryology Laboratory Scientist
The American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB) is a national certification board for directors, supervisors, and consultants. All ABB diplomates (directors) and certified individuals (managers, consultants, and supervisors) are required to document 24 contact hours of acceptable continuing education every 2 years. ABB provides CLIA-approved certification.
ABB certifies the following management level laboratorians:
  • HCLD(ABB) - High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director
  • TS(ABB) - Technical Supervisor
  • ELD(ABB) - Embryology Laboratory Director
  • ALD(ABB) - Andrology Laboratory Director
  • BCLD(ABB) - Bioanalyst Clinical Laboratory Director
  • PHLD(ABB) - Public Health Laboratory Director
  • CC(ABB) - Clinical Consultant