Cresyl Echt Violet Staining - Staining Protocol

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Cresyl Echt Violet Staining - Staining Protocol

Sample type required: Deparaffinized and rehydrated tissue section (6 - 8μm) on positively (+) charged slides
Preferred fixative: 10% neutral buffered formalin (NBF)
Control: Normal spinal cord
ReagentTimeTechnical Notes
0.5% cresyl echt violet2 minutes
Distilled water3 changes
70% alcoholDifferentiate until background is colorlessCheck microscopically for endpoint
Post staining procedure: Tissue section should be dehydrated through graded alcohols beginning with 95% immediately following the differentiation step. Follow with two changes of xylene and then coverslip.
Expected Results:
  • Nissl substance - Dark blue to purple