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CBC and RBC Morphology

CBC results for patients with sickle cell disease (Hb SS) can reflect a slight, moderate, or severe anemia. The CBC and peripheral blood smear shown below are those of an African-American 12-year-old male patient with Hb SS.

Reference intervals may vary between facilities and are dependent on patient age and gender. The reference intervals that are shown below are specific to this case.
Patient Result
Reference Interval
White blood cell count (WBC)18.93.2 - 9.8 x 109/L
Red blood cell count (RBC)3.884.50 - 5.70 x 1012/L
10.013.8 - 17.2 g/dL
Hematocrit3241 - 50%
MCV8280 - 110 fL
RDW22.711 - 14.5
Platelet count458140 - 440 x 109/L