Table 1: Definitions

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Table 1: Definitions

Cluster designation or cluster differentiation (CD)A group of antibodies that recognize the same antigen.
Fluorochrome (fluorophore)Fluorescent marker that is excited by light of one wavelength (generated by the laser of the flow cytometer) and emits light of a different wavelength (fluorescent light).
GateA boundary that is set up around a subset of data points to segregate those events for analysis or to exclude other events from the analysis.
ImmunofluorescenceFluorescent expression of immune reactions between antigens and antibodies.
Monoclonal antibody (MoAb)An antibody produced from a single clone of cells and therefore has high purity and reproducibility. A monoclonal antibody that is used in flow cytometry is directed against a single antigen. For example, the CD2 MoAb will bind to the CD2 antigen on the cell surface of a T cell.