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Continuing Education Credits

P.A.C.E.® Contact Hours (acceptable for AMT, ASCP, and state recertification): 1 hour(s)
Course number 578-032-19, approved through 8/31/2021
Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Credit Hours - Supervision/Administration, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, and Safety: 1 hour(s)
Course number 20-614272, approved through 9/1/2020


  • Define emergency management.
  • Discuss the focus of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) requirements for emergency preparedness.
  • Describe the use of emergency exercises in emergency preparedness.

Course Outline

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  • What Is Emergency Management?
      • Emergency Management
      • Emergency Planning From You to The President
      • Regional, State, Local, and Laboratory Emergency Management Structure
      • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Resources
      • A Personal/Family Plan
      • Training
      • Which agency would be the most helpful in planning for a flu pandemic?
      • The safety coordinator for the laboratory is looking for information to enhance the earthquake response for the laboratory. What agency's web site has...
  • CMS Requirements for Emergency Management
      • Core Elements
      • All Hazards Risk Assessment
      • Another Example of a Risk Assessment Tool
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Communications Plan
      • Training and Testing
      • Emergency Fuel and Generator Testing
      • When a facility or health system has an emergency plan in place, which of the following is generally a responsibility of the facility to coordinate, r...
      • The laboratory safety officer is interested in expanding the emergency management plan. What should be the first step?
  • Describe the use of emergency exercises in emergency preparedness
    • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • Types of Exercises
    • After Action Report
      • After Action Report
    • Lessons Learned
      • Turning Recommendations Into Improvements
      • The laboratory manager is reviewing the After Action Report (AAR). What should be the next step?
    • Sample Exercises
      • Communications Fan-Out
      • Federal Exercises
      • Water
      • Active Shooter Procedures and Training
      • Loss of Power
      • Disease of the Month
      • Fire
      • Blood Bank Emergency Release
      • Let It Snow
      • In an active shooter situation, what is the current order of actions that individuals faced with this situation should take?
  • References
      • References
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