Workplace Violence for Healthcare Employees (Online CE Course)

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Alex Casapu

In a world where workplace violence is on the rise, this timely course focuses on techniques healthcare employees can apply to recognize key risk factors and protect themselves from workplace violence incidents. This course is intended for employees and supervisors to learn about the basics of violence prevention programs, including controlling for workplace hazards and addressing workplace incidents. Definitions and examples of important aspects in a successful workplace violence training program are outlined as well as assessment tools and checklists to ensure that your workplace is effectively reducing the risk of workplace violence occurrences. This course includes both ungraded practice questions and an assessment exam upon completion.

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Customer Ratings

(based on 82 customer ratings)

Course Outline

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  • Introduction to Workplace Violence
      • Introduction to Workplace Violence
      • Introduction to Workplace Violence, continued
      • Risk Factors for Workplace Violence
      • Protecting Yourself from Workplace Violence: Prevention Programs and Education
      • Employer's Role in Preventing Workplace Violence
      • Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for workplace violence in a healthcare setting?
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Responding to Violence Incidents
  • Workplace Violence Training for Employees
      • Who Should Be Trained in the Prevention of Workplace Violence?
      • Topics for Employee Training
      • Every employee, including contract workers, supervisors, and managers, should be educated and trained in workplace violence prevention.
  • Evaluating the Efficacy of Workplace Violence Programs
  • References
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