Teaching Styles

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Teaching Styles

There are two main categories of teaching styles: teacher-centered and student-centered.
The teacher-centered style of instruction incorporates the teacher as the authority and expert who provides knowledge to the student(s) by combining lectures and other forms of direct instruction. The students are passive as they listen with the intent to absorb the information being presented. Teacher-centered instruction is the traditional approach to teaching. It is not necessarily the best approach and does not provide the best learning environment for many students. This approach does not engage students and generally lacks collaboration between students.
The second approach to teaching is the student-centered approach. In the student-centered approach, both the teacher and the student play a role in the learning process. The teacher provides guidance and serves as a facilitator in the learning process. Rather than presenting material to be learned, the teacher coaches the student and assists with learning. Students are involved in making choices in the learning process.