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Prevention: Naegleria fowleri

  • Avoid using tap water when irrigating, flushing, or rinsing nasal passages. Use sterile, distilled water. After use, rinse the irrigation device, such as a neti pot, with sterile, distilled water and let the device thoroughly dry.
  • Do not let water get up the nose when taking part in water related activities involving bodies of warm, freshwater. This includes water discharged from industrial plants. The nose should be held shut, nose clips used, or the head held above water.
  • When engaged in water-related activities in warm freshwater, avoid stirring up the sediment in shallow areas.
  • Keep swimming pools adequately disinfected before and during use. Chlorine and pH levels should be maintained at proper levels.
  • Avoid any activity where it is difficult to prevent water from being forced up the nose.