Quick Reference Training Guide for the Speech Recognition System

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Quick Reference Training Guide for the Speech Recognition System

Each speech recognition system will provide a quick reference training guide to help integrate the SRT with your LIS. We will continue with our Dragon Medical One example. Its quick reference training guide looks like the following:
To successfully use an SRT, users need to master the following workflow:
  1. Launch CoPath Dragon from your portal applications page and log in to the Sunquest CoPath Plus application.
  2. Dragon Medical One will automatically launch and you will see the following User profile screen (see image, top right):
    • When you log in to Dragon Medical One, you need to:
      • Check your username
      • Select the appropriate microphone
      • Choose Pathology from the Specialty drop-down menu
  3. Click OK.
  4. The Dragon Tool Bar launches (see image, bottom right):
    • If the microphone button is red, it indicates the microphone is off.
    • If the microphone button is green, it indicates the microphone is on.
  5. You are ready to dictate! Place your curser anywhere in an LIS field (for example, CoPath) that you need to dictate text and click the microphone button on the Dragon Toolbar.
Tips and Tricks: Positioning the Microphone
  • Take a moment to ensure the microphone is positioned correctly. Microphone position is one of the most important factors in obtaining good recognition accuracy.
  • The microphone should be approximately 1-3 inches from the mouth. Speak directly into the microphone.
  • Say “Stop Listening” or “Microphone Off” to turn off the microphone.
Important Reminders
  • Make sure to wait a half second after pressing the microphone button to dictate. Pause briefly before and after saying a command. The pause lets Dragon know the phrase is a command.
  • Do not pause in the middle of saying a command. Think about what you want to say before you start to speak.
  • Try to speak in longer more natural phrases.
  • Be sure the cursor is always blinking in the window in which you want Dragon to type.
  • Speak at your natural volume and pace.
  • Say “What Can I Say” for a command list.
  • Remember to turn the microphone off when finished dictating. You can say “Stop Listening” or “Microphone Off.”
  • Correcting commonly misrecognized words will increase accuracy and decrease frustration.

User Profile Screen of Dragon Medical
The Dragon Tool Bar