Table 1: Differentiating Monocytes from Large Lymphocytes

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Table 1: Differentiating Monocytes from Large Lymphocytes

Table 1 lists some characteristics that help to distinguish large lymphocytes from monocytes.

Large lymphocyte
  • Oval, round, indented, "stretched
  • Deep purplish-blue
  • Dense
  • Sky-blue
  • Clear, transparent
  • No granules or azurophilic (reddish) granules
  • Infrequent vacuoles
  • Cytoplasm may be indented by surrounding cells
  • Round, oval, indented, convoluted
  • Pale purplish-blue
  • Fine, lacy, spongy
  • Blue-gray
  • Cloudy, opaque, "ground-glass" appearance
  • Fine granules
  • Frequent vacuoles
  • Cytoplasm may have pseudopods