Inactive Status

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Inactive Status

If you move out-of-state, or for some personal reason you cannot or do not wish to practice clinical laboratory science in Florida, but do not want your license to become delinquent or canceled, you can elect to put your license on an inactive status. You must file an application with the Board for inactive status and pay the inactive status fee, which is currently $50. You are not required to complete the continuing education requirements but you must pay a fee of $50 every two years for renewal of your inactive status.
If you later decide to reactivate your license, you must meet the current continuing education requirements (See F.A.C. 64B3-8.002), plus pay the active status, and reactivation fees (Refer to F.AC. 64B3-9.004 and 64B3-9.005). If applicable, you may also have to pay a change of status fee (F.A.C. 64B3-9010).