Description of Specialties (4) Scope of Practice

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Description of Specialties (4) Scope of Practice

Specialists in cytogenetics detect chromosome abnormalities and genetic disorders. Cytogenetic counseling may be performed only by an individual licensed at the director level in the cytogenetics specialty.

Specialists in molecular pathology analyze DNA and RNA to find disease-related genotypes, mutations, and phenotypes in order to detect or predict disease and identify carriers. Techniques include immunohistochemistry, protein analysis, polymerase chain reaction(PCR), cell culture, expression profiling, and microarrays. Clinical laboratory personnel who are licensed in the five basic clinical categories may perform testing considered to fall in the molecular pathology category for each related category. For example, a tech licensed in Microbiology can perform MRSA real time PCR testing. An additional license category of molecular pathology is not required.

Specialists in histocompatibility perform tests to determine tissue compatibility, prevent infections, and investigate and evaluate post-transplant problems. Techniques include blood typing, HLA typing, HLA antibody screening, disease markers, flow cytometry, crossmatching, HLA antibody identification, lymphocyte immunophenotyping, immunosuppressive drug assays, allogenic, isogeneic and autologous bone marrow processing and storage, mixed lymphocyte culture, stem cell culture, cell mediated assays, and assays for the presence of cytokines. Clinical laboratory personnel licensed in serology/immunology and immunohematology can perform all testing without an additional license category.

Specialists in andrology and embryology addresses issues of fertility and infertility by examining gametes and embryos, including production, maturation, morphology, number, motility and function to address issues of fertility and infertility.