Kickback and Inducement Violations

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Kickback and Inducement Violations

Offering or taking a bribe, kickback, bonus, commission, or inducement is against the rules of the Board and against the law.

Many companies give away small promotional items, such as pens or note pads, to promote their products. This is legal, but be cautious about accepting more valuable items. This could be seen as a bribe. Directors and supervisors should be cautious when negotiating with vendors to avoid any situations that could be perceived as kickback.

All of the following are serious violations of Board, state, and federal rules:

  • Participating in any commissions, bonuses, kickbacks, inducements, or split-fee arrangements from physicians, health care providers, suppliers, hospitals, nursing homes, other clinical laboratories, pharmacies, or other facilities.
  • Exploiting or influencing a patient for financial gain, including promoting, selling, or withholding services, drugs, or referrals.