Cytocentrifuge Technique

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Cytocentrifuge Technique

The cytocentrifuge technique concentrates the cells on a slide in a uniform monolayer approximately 6 mm in diameter. The monolayer distribution enhances the morphological appearance of the cells present.
A variety of manufacturers offer cytocentrifuge technology and provide guidelines as to drops of fluid to use for slide preparation based on the nucleated cell count. A drop of 11–22% albumin should be added to the volume of fluid used for the slide preparation before cytocentrifugation. The albumin helps to preserve the integrity and morphology of the cells in the hypotonic CSF.
Allow the slides to air dry for several minutes and then stain them with Wright or Wright-Giemsa stain. Slides may be placed in an automated stainer or stained manually.
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Cytospin components: (A) assembly clip, (B) microscope slide,
(C) plastic cytofunnel, (D) assembled apparatus. (4)