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Materials of Trade

Materials of Trade (MOT) are defined as hazardous materials that are carried in a motor vehicle which supports a principle business. However, the principle business cannot be a transportation business (e.g., taxi cab, bus, independent courier vehicle*). A patient specimen can be transported by motor vehicle as an MOT, if the specimen is not regulated or is classified as a category B infectious substance (cultures cannot be transported as MOTs).
Businesses whose employees can transport patient specimens as MOTs include:
  • Clinical or reference laboratories (laboratory's own couriers)
  • Home health care agencies
  • Physician's offices
The following brochure from Department of Transportaion (DOT) further explains what MOTs are and what regulations apply: https://hazmatonline.phmsa.dot.gov/services/publication_documents/MOTS05.pdf
*UN3373 Category B infectious substances can be transported by cab, bus, or independent courier vehicle, but not as MOTs.