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Reissue of Blood

Blood and blood components that are reissued must meet these requirements that are listed in section 640.2.
(1) The container has a tamper-proof seal when originally issued and this seal remains unbroken;
(2) A segment is properly attached and has not been removed, except that blood lacking a properly attached segment may be reissued in an emergency provided it is accompanied by instructions for sampling and for use within 6 hours after entering the container for sampling;
(3) The blood has been stored continuously at 1-6°C and shipped between 1 and 10°C;
(4) The blood is held for observation until a significant inspection consistent with the requirements of 640.5(e)* can be made.
*[Whole] Blood shall be inspected visually during storage and immediately prior to issue. If the color or physical appearance is abnormal or there is any indication or suspicion of microbial contamination the unit of [ Whole] Blood shall not be issued for transfusion.