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Continuing Education for New York State Laboratory Personnel

According to the New York State Clinical Laboratory Standards of Practice that became effective March 1, 2008, laboratories in NY must provide their employees with continuing education. A minimum of 12 CE hours must be earned each year, and participation must be documented.

As an individual, you don't need to complete CE to maintain your NY laboratory personnel certification, but you must complete the CE provided by your employer. You may need to complete CE for other requirements, such as maintaining your ASCP or AMT license.

From the New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Standards of Practice

Human Resources Sustaining Standard of Practice 9 (HR S9): Continuing Education
The laboratory director shall provide continuing education to laboratory staff commensurate with the scope of their duties and such training and continuing education shall be documented. A minimum of twelve hours of continuing education must be provided to laboratory staff on and annual basis and staff participation must be documented.

If you are a laboratory looking for a cost-effective way to provide continuing education to your employees, please visit www.MediaLabInc.net to learn about our Compliance & CE program for clinical laboratories.

LabCE is an excellent source of continuing education for NY laboratory professionals. A one-year subscription to LabCE includes 123 LabCE courses, including over 165 CEUs.

Source: http://www.wadsworth.org/labcert/clep/clep.html, http://www.wadsworth.org/labcert/clep/files/NYSDOHStandardsPart1GeneralSystems.pdf

Revised 4/4/2017

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