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Blood Banking Question Bank (Online CE Course)

(based on 9 customer ratings)

Patrick Barnes MA MT(ASCP)

This Blood Banking Question Bank covers key topics in blood banking and transfusion medicine, including antigens, antibodies, genotyping, and phenotyping.

A review mode allows you to learn with interactive questions and detailed feedback, and when you're ready, the exam mode will document your proficiency and award CE credit.

This question bank is also ideal as source material for laboratories that want to build their own competency assessments per CLIA requirements. The question bank can be easily customized to fit your lab's needs.

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  • To establish CLIA competency by interrogative review of blood banking concepts.

Customer Ratings

(based on 9 customer ratings)

Course Outline

This course consists of questions and answers, with no reading or instructional material.

Additional Information

Level of Instruction: Intermediate

Intended Audience: Clinical laboratory science students, and medical technologists and technicians seeking review, cross training, or continuing education opportunities. It is also appropriate for medical students and pathology residents.

Course Description: This course establishes CLIA competency using an interrogatory format. An accompanying non-credit, ungraded review module prepares students for the P.A.C.E. accredited, graded course.

Author Credentials: Patrick Barnes MA MT(ASCP) is head of the hematology laboratory at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. He has broad experience teaching medical technologists and is an expert in hematology automation.

This exam mode of this question bank consists of 40 graded questions. There is no instructional or reading material, just questions.

If you would like additional practice on the material before taking this course, you may take the associated course entitled "[subject] Question Bank - Review Mode." The review mode offers 150 ungraded questions, but no instructional or reading material. You do not have to complete the review mode before taking the associated exam.

Some users do not like this style of question-and-answer learning. Other courses are available for you to take if you would rather earn your CE using a course with more traditional "reading materials followed by a short quiz" format.

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