How LabCE Automatically Reports Credits to ASCLS and ASCP

If you're a member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), LabCE can automatically report the credits that you earn here to ASCLS and then on to ASCP. This saves you the time of entering the credits manually at ASCP (though entering them manually is easy to do and 100% accepted).

For credits to automatically report to ASCLS and then on to ASCP, you must be a member of ASCLS. We cannot report your credits automatically unless you are an ASCLS member. If you're not an ASCLS member, you can still report your credits manually to ASCP (again, it's easy to do and 100% accepted).

Credits are automatically reported from LabCE to ASCLS every night. Once ASCLS receives the credits, ASCLS may take up to one week to report credits on to ASCP. For faster reporting, you can enter your credits manually at the ASCP website.

Credits are automatically reported based on your email address. The email address that you use at ASCLS must match the email address that you use for ASCP. If your email addresses at the two organizations don't match, credits won't be automatically imported. You can change your email at LabCE, ASCLS, and ASCP if there is a mismatch.

Troubleshooting Automatic Reporting to ASCLS and ASCP

If you're not seeing the credits you've earned at LabCE transferring to ASCLS or ASCP, please consult these troubleshooting steps:

  • Are you a member of ASCLS? Credits are only automatically reported for ASCLS members. If you're not an ASCLS member, you can report credits to ASCP manually (it's easy).
  • Has enough time passed? It can take up to a week (seven days) for credits earned at LabCE to automatically transfer to ASCP and, in rare cases, even longer.
  • Do your email addresses match? Automatic transfer is dependent on your email address matching at LabCE, ASCLS, and ASCP. Change your email address at LabCE, ASCLS, and / or ASCP if necessary.
  • Check ASCLS's CE Organizer to see if credits are transferring to ASCLS. Once credits appear in CE Organizer, they will transfer to ASCP within one week.