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The page below is a sample from the LabCE course Mathematic Calculations and Applications for the Histology Laboratory. Access the complete course and earn ASCLS P.A.C.E.-approved continuing education credits by subscribing online.

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Why do I Need to Understand the Math?

The practice of histotechnology, like all laboratory science disciplines, requires personnel who are dedicated to the provision of quality results for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Histotechnicians and histotechnologists need a solid understanding of mathematics to prepare and assess tissue for the further investigation and interpretation of disease process by the pathologist.
Understanding the mathematical basis for certain laboratory procedures will help the histology professional to accurately and creatively troubleshoot the day-to-day problems of histological fixation, processing, and staining of tissues.
While many changes have occurred in recent years, increased automation in the modern histology laboratory has not diminished the need for mathematical calculations and applications. Immunohistochemical (IHC) staining has become a much more routine aspect of the histology workload and challenges personnel to understand and troubleshoot the variables inherent in the preparation and staining process.
This module will review the basic math applications frequently used in the histology laboratory, providing working professionals with an opportunity to practice pertinent calculations for continuing education purposes and/or helping students to prepare for their national certification examination.