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free clinical laboratory science quiz game for medical technologists
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The Quiz Game is a free, randomized question bank that tests your clinical laboratory science knowledge. It's a great way to review for boards, brush up on your laboratory knowledge, and challenge yourself.

Questions come from clinical laboratory science topics, including lab safety, microbiology, hematology, body fluids, HIPAA privacy, Medicare compliance, medical error prevention, quality control, and more. Each question is worth between 1 and 100 points, depending on difficulty. The more questions you answer, the more points you'll earn. But if you miss five questions, the game's over! Don't worry, you can play as many times as you like.

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Want more review? Try LabCE's Exam Simulator

 Exam SimulatorFree LabCE Quiz Game
Number of QuestionsOver 3,000 questionsOnly 750 questions
Subject AreasIncludes all major laboratory disciplines, including blood banking, chemistry, hematology, immunology, laboratory operations, microbiology, urinalysis, and moreLimited to hematology, microbiology, blood banking, and chemistry
Simulated Tests?Take practice tests that follow the form, content, and length of ASCP and AMT examsNo simulated tests
Focus on Specific Subjects?Review questions from specific disciplinesNo ability to focus - questions randomized
Your ResultsDetailed reports show how well you did in specific subject areasNo detailed reports
Your ProgressCharts and graphs show how your performance improves over time and how your performance compares to other users.No charts or graphs to show your history.
Cost$55 for unlimited use for an entire yearFree

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How to Play the Quiz Game

The Quiz Game is a series of questions. Read the question and select the best answer from the list of answer choices. Some questions have more than one correct answer - in this case, select all the applicable answers. For matching questions, select the appropriate matches from the drop-down lists. When you're satisfied with your answer, click on the "OK" button.

Your answer will be scored, and you'll see the correct answer highlighted on-screen. Some questions provide feedback to explain correct and incorrect answers.

To move on to the next question, click on the large arrow in the lower right, or click on the link that says "Move on to the next question »".

The Quiz Game will continue until you miss five questions. Then, you'll get your final score and an opportunity to be listed on the leaderboard.

Question looks similar to this:

Screenshot from the Quiz Game for Medical Technologists and Medical Lab Technicians

A) Question point value - How many points this question is worth if you answer correctly

B) Your score - How many total points you've earned so far

C) Question text

D) Answer choices - select the correct answer(s) by clicking on the bubble or checkbox, or select the right matches from the drop-down lists

E) Move on to the next question - click this text to move to the next question after you've answered the current question

F) Misses - The number of questions you've missed, and the number of misses remaining. If you miss five questions, the game is over!

G) Next arrow - click this arrow to move to the next question after you've answered the current question

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Questions about the Quiz Game

How many questions are included?

The Quiz Game currently has 750 questions. The Exam Simulator, which is available by subscription, has over 3,000 questions, with more added all the time.

Where do the questions come from?

Questions on the Quiz Game are drawn from LabCE's online continuing education courses for medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, and other clinical laboratory personnel.

Will I earn CE for playing?

No, but you can subscribe to LabCE and earn over 100 hours of ASCLS P.A.C.E.® continuing education for AMT, ASCP, California, New York, Florida, and other states' license renewal and recertification requirements.

What determines the point value of a question?

A question's point value is determined by the percentage of players who answer the question correctly, subtracted from 100. For example, an easy question that 95% of players answer correctly is worth 5 points (100 - 95 = 5). A hard question that only 60% of players answer correctly is worth 40 points (100 - 60 = 40).

How many times can I play the Quiz Game?

Play as often as you like! Come back every day to compete for the day's high score.

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