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Report Reckless or Unethical Behavior

Earlier in this course, we discussed occurrences and the fact that most occurrences are inadvertent, caused by human error. However, sometimes occurrences may be caused by reckless behavior. A person who behaves recklessly knows there is substantial risk associated with their actions (or is too self-centered to consider risk) but chooses to disregard the risk and act anyway.
What about the healthcare professional who observes reckless behavior? The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) states the following as one of its principles of ethical conduct:
"[I will] Report any health care professional who engages in fraud or deception or whose deficiency in character or competence jeopardizes patient care or other personnel."*
If you observe behavior within the workplace that is reckless or unethical, it is your duty to report it. 

Reference: Ethics guidelines. AACC website. Available at: https://www.aacc.org/about-aacc/governance/ethic-guidelines#.Accessed January 20, 2016.