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Scenario: The Football Rivalry

Todd is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama. Jim went to Auburn. During college football season, there’s a friendly rivalry about their respective teams’ success. The big Alabama – Auburn game is a blowout, 45 – 0 for Alabama.

Todd greets Jim the next day with “Hello, loser! I can’t believe how bad you idiots played out there!” Jim laughs it off. “Yeah, it wasn’t a good day for us.”

Later, in a meeting, Todd dismisses one of Jim suggestions, saying, “You can’t trust an Auburn man’s ideas. Look how it turned out for them last Saturday!”

Most mornings for the last week, Todd has patted Jim on the back and said, “How’s it going, loser? Did you find a quarterback who can actually throw yet?" "Figured out which way the football is supposed to go?” Jim says, “Drop it, Todd. It was just a game.” Todd says, “Drop it! Yeah, that was your problem. Couldn’t hang on to the football!”

Several people are starting up a new project. Todd’s on the team, and Sally suggests Jim. Todd shakes his head, “No, we don’t want any losers on this project.”

What would you do?