Agent: Smallpox (Virus)

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Agent: Smallpox (Virus)

Virus Name: Variola major
Most likely means of dissemination: As an aerosol
Primary route of entry: Inhalation
General signs and symptoms: High fever, extreme lethargy, severe headache, severe backache, severe abdominal pain, with a rash that starts as red bumps but quickly develops into small, itchy blisters.
2. Dean, Paul B. "Captured in an unidentified location in 1972, this photograph depicts a volar perspective of the right arm of a young patient had been infected with the smallpox virus, revealing the spread of the characteristic maculopapular rash. The image was taken on the 6th day of this patient’s illness." CDC Public Health Image Library, 1972,
3. Hicks, James. "This 1973 image depicts the dorsum of a Bangladeshi smallpox patient’s right hand, revealing the numerous umbilicated maculopapular lesions, which are characteristic of this viral illness." CDC Public Health Image Library, 1973,

The right arm of a patient infected with smallpox virus (2).
The hand of a patient severely infected with the smallpox virus (3).