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Other Simian Malaria Species

Plasmodium speciesGeographyHuman Species Resemblance
P. coatneyi Asia PhillippinesP. falciparum
P. cynomalgi India, Indonesia, Malysia, Sri Lanka, TaiwanP. vivax
P. eylesi Malysia P. vivax
P. fieldiMalysiaP. ovale
P. fragileIndia, Sri LankaP. falciparum
P. hyloban IndonesiaP. vivax
P. inuiIndia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan
P. malariae
P. falciparum
P. jeffreyi Indonesia, MalaysiaP. vivax
P. pitheciMalaysiaP. vivax
P. simiovaleSri LankaP. ovale
P. silvaticumMalaysiaP. vivax
P. youngiMalaysiaP. vivax
P.brasilarumBrazil, Columbia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, VenezuelaP. malariae
P. simiumBrazilP. vivax