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Frozen Sections

When there is a need to bypass the lengthy routine processing steps for tissue, as in cases where an urgent diagnosis is needed, frozen sections can be prepared. The tissue is cut on a cryostat, which is basically a microtome enclosed in a deep-freeze compartment. The ice surrounding the tissue takes the place of paraffin as the embedding medium; therefore, the and hydration step can be eliminated when staining the slides.

Sample rapid H&E stain for frozen sections:

1. Formol-acetic alcohol (quick fixative) for 20 seconds

2. Water rinse

3. Harris's Hematoxylin for 1 1/2 minutes

4. Water rinse

5. Ammonia water - dip until section turns blue

6. Water rinse

7. Eosin for 10 seconds

8. Water rinse

9. Dehydrate, clear, coverslip