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Active Shooter Procedures and Training

When first issued, the instructions were to first hide in place in a preselected area that has a telephone and a locking door. Fleeing was considered a last resort. Following a review of several active shooting incidents, the advice has changed to following this order:
  1. Flee the area
  2. Hide in place in the safest area possible
  3. Defend in place
The evidence showed that fleeing the area was the safest action, even if the active shooter was in the room. When victims were hidden in a closet or room, once the shooter gained access, a large number of the occupants were hit.
The video, Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training, is the current update of a response to an active shooter situation. Available at the Department of Homeland Security website: https://www.dhs.gov/options-consideration-active-shooter-preparedness-video. Accessed August 24, 2017.