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After Action Report

An After Action Report (AAR) may also be known by other names, but it is a document that summarizes what happened during the real or test event and documents recommendations for improvement. The report contains comments and suggestions from the participants, as well as the observers.
A sample format that can be used for all types of events is shown in the image. The report should compare what was expected to happen to what actually happened.
  • Were the resources needed available?
  • Were there technical or human communication failures?
  • Did the procedures work?
  • What actions were taken to overcome obstacles?
The commentary should include what went well, as well as what did not happen as expected and what unexpected events occurred. Lessons learned and recommendations may include procedure changes, supply changes, and/or contracted support services.
The last step is making sure that the recommendations are reviewed and changes are made to increase the likelihood that patients can be treated during the emergency.