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Zika Management for the General Population

For individuals in the general population who develop symptoms of Zika virus infection and who live in or have recently traveled to an area with the presence of the Zika virus, the CDC advises the individual to visit their physician or other healthcare provider to discuss the possibility of ordering blood tests to identify the Zika virus or other similar viruses, like dengue or chikungunya.
Once an individual becomes infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections. It is important to visit a physician, especially if an individual has both symptoms and has visited the CDC's designated area with Zika. The link* below provides an updated list for designated geographical areas with active Zika. It is especially important that individuals who are pregnant discuss areas of travel with their physician or healthcare provider.
In summary, the CDC urges individuals who believe they may have the virus or have been exposed to the virus to do the following:
  • Individuals with symptoms and a positive travel history should visit with their physician or healthcare provider for a diagnosis of Zika.
  • Individuals should determine what treatment is available for the virus.
  • Individuals should understand how they can protect others from the virus.
CDC World Map of Areas with Zika Virus (updated): Available at following link: