Gloves Requirements (cont.)

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Gloves Requirements (cont.)

Disposable gloves must be worn whenever there is a risk of contact with blood or other body fluids. Hypoallergenic gloves must be used if you, or the patient you are caring for, has a latex allergy.
Keep hand jewelry to a minimum to protect the integrity of the gloves.
Replace gloves:
  • Between patient contacts
  • If they are damaged or contaminated
  • Before leaving the work area
Cleanse hands after removing gloves.
Disposable gloves cannot be washed.
Utility gloves or heavy-duty rubber gloves are useful when cleaning up spills or when there is a risk of damage from equipment handling.

Utility gloves may be decontaminated and reused if their integrity has not been compromised. They should be inspected regularly, and must be replaced if damaged.