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Patient Information for Prenatal Maternal Serum Screening

Laboratories that perform the triple or quad screen usually require submission of specific patient information related to patient history and indications for performing the testing. Some of the following information may be requested on the patient request form:
  • Estimated gestational age (weeks and days)
  • Date on which the mother was the stated gestational age
  • How gestational age was determined (eg, first day of last monthly period, estimated date of delivery, or ultrasound dating)
  • Patient's weight, date of birth, and race
  • Relevant patient history (eg, prior neural tube defects, Down syndrome, ultrasound anomalies)
  • Was the patient receiving medication (eg, insulin) to control diabetes at the time of conception?
  • Is there clinical evidence of multiple gestations (twins, etc.)?
  • Is this an initial maternal serum screening or was there a previous screening during this pregnancy?