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Mini-Panel Antibody Exclusion

Below are the results of a mini-panel of red cells specifically chosen to exclude other clinically significant antibodies in the presence of anti-D.
Besides an autocontrol, a positive control (Ror) was included to confirm that the mother's plasma containing the probable anti-D was reactive at the time of testing.
Recall that the results of the initial antibody screen showed that the possible (unexcluded) antibodies were anti-
C, D, E, K, Fyb, Jka, M, s, Leb(with anti-M less likely as a cause of HDFN and anti-Leb not a cause).
Antibodies excluded by Screen Cell #3 included anti-c, e, Fya , Jkb, N, S, P1 and anti-Lea.
Before proceeding to the next page, assess whether the unexcluded antibodies from the initial antibody screen have been excluded by the mini-panel below using the guidelines in the antibody exclusion protocol shown below.

All panel cells are negative for low frequency antigens and positive for high frequency antigens unless noted otherwise. All cells are also negative for Cw, Kpa, and Lua.