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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is not an invasion of an applicant's private life. In a screening and credential verification program, the healthcare organization is seeking to confirm what an applicant has done in his or her professional career, including previous employment and professional certifications. Potential employers are entitled to obtain job-related information (criminal and civil records, credit history, driving records, educational credentials) in order to make the best possible hiring decision.
Healthcare organizations that fail to implement a risk management program, which includes pre-employment screening, could be eventually exposed to lawsuits, workplace violence, sexual harassment difficulties, theft, property damage, or loss of business. In addition to limiting these detrimental effects, other benefits of pre-employment screening may include:
  • Discouraging job applicants with falsified credentials from even applying.
  • Eliminating, to a degree, the uncertainty in the hiring process.
  • Demonstrating that the healthcare organization has taken reasonable steps in the hiring process; thus providing some protection in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Encouraging applicants to be open and truthful on their applications and during the interview process.