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Shy Bladder Procedures, continued

If the donor has not provided a sufficient specimen within three hours of the first unsuccessful attempt to provide the specimen, the collector must discontinue the collection, note that "no specimen was provided" in the Remarks section of the CCF (Step 2), and immediately notify the Designated Employee Representative (DER). Only those specimens in which the required amount has been collected (45 mL Federally Regulated, 30 mL Non-Federally Regulated) may be sent to the testing facility. All partial specimens, even those that are questionable (eg, temperature out-of-range), are to be discarded.
Note: The collector should maintain a log (see attached Shy Bladder Log PDF below) of the time of each attempt, the quantity of each attempt (if any), and the amount of fluids that the donor was given to drink. During the waiting period that the donor can consume fluids, the donor must be monitored to ensure the continued integrity of the test. It is good practice for the collector to inform the donor that the donor is not permitted to leave the collection site and that doing so might possibly lead an employer to determine that a refusal occurred.
The collector then sends Copy 2 of the CCF and the log to the MRO and Copy 4 to the DER. This is done even if the donor did not provide any specimen in order to notify the MRO and the employer of the problem. The collector must send (fax, scan/e-mail, mail) these copies to the MRO and DER within 24 hours or the next business day.

Shy Bladder Log [click to view / print]

Adobe Acrobat PDF file