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False-Negative Reactions With Rh Typing Reagents

The table below delineates some of the more commonly seen false-negative reactions with Rh typing reagents and provides insight into the causes and corrective actions that may be undertaken when these problems are presented.
Likely CauseCorrective action, in compliance with direction circular
Failure to follow manufacturer's instructions preciselyReview direction circular; repeat test
Resuspension too vigorousResuspend all tubes gently during repeat testing
Immunoglobulin-coated cells (in vivo)Use saline-active typing reagent; repeat test
Incorrect reagent selectedRead vial carefully; repeat test
Reagent deteriorationOpen new vial, perform appropriate QC; repeat test
Modified from Harmening, D: Table 7-10, Modern blood banking and transfusion practices, 6thed, FA Davis, Philadelphia, PA, 2012, p 162.
Fung, MK, Eder, AF, Spitalnik, SL, Westhoff, CM (eds): Technical Manual, 19th ed. AABB, Bethesda, MD, 2017, p 313.