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Loss of Power

Assign an observer and individuals that would be present at the time of the event or who would be contacted during the event.
The individuals participating in the event should focus on following procedure in place for such an event and should consider:
  • Staff and patient safety
  • Communication
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Utilities
  • Initial response
Scenario: (Allow participants to react to each individual event in the scenario before moving to another event.)
It is 5:45 PM on Tuesday in the Histocompatbility Laboratory that is in a rented building a mile from the other laboratories. There has been an electrical storm.
  1. At 8:00 PM, there is an alarm indicating that there is a high temperature alarm in two of seven freezers in the laboratory.
  2. At 9:00 PM a staff member arrives at the laboratory and finds that their key card does not work.
  3. Once gaining access at 9:30 PM, the staff members find that three of the freezers have power.
  4. At 2:00 AM, power is restored.
Question to answer after the event:
  • What needs to be done to recover from the event?