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LabCE.com News

Four new and completely revised courses now available (4/21/2014)

New Course: Advances in Noninvasive Prenatal Testing For Down Syndrome and other Trisomies (7/9/2013)

New Course: Laboratory Methods to Aid in the Detection of Sepsis (12/12/2012)

New CE Course: Describing a Red Blood Cell Population Using RBC Indices and Red Cell Distribution Width (11/26/2012)

New Course: Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Transfusion Services (11/12/2012)

New Course: Basics of Lean and Six Sigma for the Laboratory (10/16/2012)

Histology Courses Now Available (6/6/2012)

New Course: Preliminary Identification of the Primary Select Agents of Bioterrorism (12/22/2011)

New Look for LabCE Courses (11/30/2011)

New Course: Real-Time PCR (11/1/2011)

New Course: Bone Marrow Aspiration Part I: Normal Hematopoiesis and Basic Interpretive Procedures (10/20/2011)

New Course: Rh negative female with anti-D at delivery: A case study (9/15/2011)

New Course: Hemoglobinopathies: Hemoglobin S Disorders (8/8/2011)

New course: Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn (5/3/2011)

New course: Transfusion Reactions (3/3/2011)

New Courses In 2011 (2/22/2011)

New Course: Body Fluid Differential Tutorial (11/30/2010)

New course: Antinuclear Antibody Testing: Methods and Pattern Interpretation (11/9/2010)

New course: Metabolic Syndrome (10/8/2010)

New course: Histology Special Stains: Carbohydrates (9/15/2010)

New course: Diabetes and the Current American Diabetes Association Guidelines (8/13/2010)

New course: Multi-drug Resistant Organisms: MRSA, VRE, and Clostridium difficile (8/13/2010)

Online CE for Phlebotomists (6/14/2010)

Updated course: Reading and Reporting Gram Stained Direct Smears (6/7/2010)

New course: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Molecular Diagnostic Testing (6/7/2010)

Resources for ASCP and NCA Exam Review (3/25/2010)

New course: The Influenza A Virus: 2009 H1N1 Subtype (3/10/2010)

New course: Detecting and Evaluating Coagulation Inhibitors and Factor Deficiencies (3/2/2010)

New course: Dermal Puncture and Capillary Blood Collection (3/2/2010)

Patient Safety in the Clinical Lab (1/5/2010)

New course: Cardiac Biomarkers (12/17/2009)

New course: Authentic and Spurious Causes of Thrombocytopenia (12/17/2009)

Follow LabCE and MediaLab on Twitter and Facebook (9/2/2009)

New course: Routine Venipuncture (8/27/2009)

New course: Laboratory Ergonomics (8/27/2009)

Track all of your CEUs in one place (6/25/2009)

New course: Emerging Cardiovascular Risk Markers (6/25/2009)

New course: The Disappearing Antibody (6/25/2009)

Submit Your Lab Week Photos and Stories to Win an iPod (4/17/2009)

LabCE now accepts PayPal (4/3/2009)

New Course: Packaging and Shipping Infectious Materials (4/3/2009)

California Clinical Laboratory Scientist Continuing Education (4/3/2009)

Get CE for your Florida medical technologist license (4/3/2009)

New York Clinical Laboratory Continuing Education (4/3/2009)

New Course: Hereditary Hemochromatosis (3/16/2009)

Authors and reviewers needed - Create CE courses for laboratory professionals (2/27/2009)

New courses added January 2009 (2/27/2009)

Meet Tennessee laboratory continuing education requirements (11/5/2008)

New laboratory continuing education course in Electrophoresis (10/17/2008)

Be recognized! Submit your own questions to the LabCE.com Quiz Game. (10/13/2008)

New courses in Alpha Thalassemia and Molecular Diagnostics (10/6/2008)

New lab continuing education courses coming soon (9/22/2008)

Write for MediaLab - Experienced Clinical Lab Educators Needed (9/22/2008)

Laboratory continuing education from LabCE.com (9/5/2008)

Turn PowerPoint files into online courses (8/29/2008)

Get certified for DOT Urine Collections (8/21/2008)

New Pharmacology in the Clinical Lab course (8/11/2008)

New Mycology courses for laboratory continuing education (8/7/2008)

Contact information for state laboratory personnel licensing (7/24/2008)

Florida Licenses Expire on August 31, 2008. Renew with LabCE.com. (7/16/2008)

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