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ColorDX Online Color Vision Test (Online CE Course)

Konan Medical

Because many tests depend on accurate recognition of color, laboratories are required to assess the color vision of their employees. The ColorDX Online Color Vision Test is widely used throughout healthcare to identify individuals with protan, deutan, or tritan color vision deficiencies.

Meet College of American Pathologists Checklist Requirement GEN.55400

CAP requires that applicable personnel are tested for visual color discrimination, and records of color discrimination testing must be retained for inspection. Deliver and record color vision testing quickly and easily with ColorDX from MediaLab and Konan Medical.

Putting together your own test or using another online resource puts your organization at risk if that test has not been validated. The ColorDX Online Color Vision Test is validated, copyright-cleared, and is licensed for use in healthcare organizations. Learn more about the importance of color vision testing in healthcare.

Key Benefits

  • Validated by the US Navy.
  • Accurate under any lighting conditions.
  • Use any Internet-connected computer, available 24/7/365.
  • Takes about 10 minutes.
  • Self-administered -- no need for a special room or tester.
  • Printable certificates for employee personnel files.
  • Pay as you go -- buy only as many tests as you need.
  • Identify training or oversight opportunities for colorblind employees who present special risks within the organization.
  • Faster turnaround on results for recruiters, staffers, and hiring managers.
  • Special development and timing on TCV ensures tests are administered correctly.
  • Meet The Joint Commission and College of American Pathologist (CAP) requirements.
The ColorDX Online Color Vision Test, developed by color vision expert Dr. Terrace L. Waggoner, consists of 105 test plates: 29 general test plates, 32 protan tests, 32 deutan test plates, and 12 tritan test plates. Users with normal color vision will not see all 105 test plates. As the test detects possible color deficiencies, additional plates will be displayed. Each plate is displayed for two seconds, leading to more accurate results.

Sample Plates

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